48 hours in Prague, Here's What You Should Do

10 things you should do if you only have 48 Hours in Prague. Architecture, hikes, nightlife, food, and more - a quick list for Prague.

48 hours in Prague, Here's What You Should Do

Prague is a very polished Eastern European city that's one of the ideal places to dip your toes in when traveling Eastern Europe for the first time. There's amazing architecture, fantastic food, a vibrant nightlife and much more.

It's getting more and more touristy as the years go by, but it's still a great location to visit on the count of having a bit of everything to see and do, and still being very affordable especially for the budget traveler.

So here's a quick list of things to do, see and eat.

1. Charles bridge, Lennon wall, and Prague Castle can all be done in one morning - The bridge dates back to the 14th century has a fantastic view of the city, both in the morning and evening.

If you're staying on the east side, Lennon wall in all it's street art and graffiti goodness will be waiting for you on the west. From there you can make your way to the castle which dates back to the 9th century (crazy cool).

Lennon Wall, always changing

2. Petrin Hill is a decent hike and a fantastic view - You can hike up at your own pace which would take 20-25 minutes. If you can't be bothered, you can always take a lift up to the top for the view.

If you don't want to do either, the trail offers some parks nearby like Kinsky Garden to relax in as well. It's also worth noting, Prague/Czechia doesn't have bans on drinking in public except for some streets in certain districts, you can check the map here. Kinsky Garden isn't one of them, so a park picnic may be in the cards 🍷

3. Get a bite to eat at Nase Maso - A famous butcher that doubles as a takeaway food joint, quality selection of meats and other dishes. There's a base menu and a chefs special or meals of the day menu, I'd suggest going for the specials.

4. Get proper Czech food at Havelska Koruna for really cheap - This restaurant is one of the self service style establishments they have in Czechia. You grab a tray, fill up on whatever you want, and they'll add it to the bill. Once you're done, you take the bill to the front and pay - quality food for quite a cheap price.

5. Enjoy a drink and relaxing evening at Jazz Republic - The band is wonderful, the drinks are nice, and it's free Jazz every night. It's everything you want for a relaxed evening. Make sure to limit your volume when the band is playing because the audience is very much into Jazz and you will be shushed 😅

6. Cocktails at Al Capones - This bar is by far the cheapest cocktails for the greatest quality I’ve seen anywhere. You've got your basic cocktails like martini's and such, but you also have some crazy mixes that these guys have come up with themselves.

7. Karlovy Lazne, a 5 story mega club that's one of the biggest in Europe - It’s a hit or miss depending on the type of person you are, but worth checking out if you're interested in seeing this behemoth and you're on a night out. It 200-250 CZK entry so about $11 USD.

Some people opt for smaller clubs like KU Club & Bar or One Club, which are arguably more fun and still central.

8. Explore Manifesto Market for a fantastic dinner and drinks session -  The market stalls have something for everyone from craft beers, burgers, sushi, Czech food, and more.

A delicious burger from a stall at Manifesto Market

9. Old Town Square is the oldest square in the historic center - You'll see a wide variety of performances, treats, architecture and such - it can get quite touristy but it's hard to not pass through as it's so central. Worth seeing whats on if you are in the are.

10. Sex Machines Museum - It's all in the name, if you want a wild card thing to do while you're in Prague, give this museum a shot 😉

All of these are more than enough for 48 hours in Prague. You likely won't get to all of them but they're all equally worth doing. I'll keep the list updated with more worthwhile things to do as I discover them.

Until then, enjoy your travels!