The Best Travel Insurance for Bali in 2020

The best travel insurance for visiting Bali if you're an Australian or US Citizen in 2020. Unlimited emergency medical, great theft & moped accident cover.

The Best Travel Insurance for Bali in 2020

When traveling to Bali your travel insurance should cover the most common problems you'll encounter while there. Those problems are going to be;

  • Getting sick from either food or change in environment
  • Potential accidents while driving a scooter
  • Losing cash or personal items either on the street or in your hotel/hostel

If you've got those bases covered, you're going to be completely fine and have a fantastic time in Bali.

We've found the best travel insurance for visiting Bali as an Australian or American citizen, especially for backpacking, is World Nomads. We've found it covers the most common issues we mentioned before and is designed for heavy traveling.

Whether you're a backpacker that travels a lot, or someone going for a holiday, it won't hurt to make use of an insurance company that's run by travel enthusiasts and backed by some of the most famous backpackers of this generation like Nomadic Matt.

So why do we love it so much?

The Price to Value is Insanely Good

The Explorer Plan is not only one of the cheapest in the market, which is a massive tick of approval from us, but it covers unlimited medical, emergency, and cancellation costs. Full details for Australia, and The US.

A month in Indonesia/Bali from Australia is about $151 AUD, and from The US it's about $215 USD. It changes from state to state in the US as travel times and prices, as well as medical expenses, change significantly - the example is from NY.

And you might be thinking "I've seen cheaper" but there you'd be omitting one thing. The massive list of travel activities and sports that are covered by both Standard and Explorer plans, that other insurance companies charge a hefty premium on if you want them.

It's got all of it, and if you're in Bali, you can best bet you're going to be doing some or all of these, and not that it matters for Bali, but it has some amazing cover on snow sports as well - that's for another trip though.

Another thing worth mentioning is that World Nomads has an excess of $100, which is sometimes twice as low as other insurance out there. Win-win.

Customer Service is Above and Beyond

Every plan that World Nomads offer has 24/7 assistance, which is perfect because no matter where you're from or what the timezone is, you'll be able to reach someone.

They have a detailed page on what to do in any situation where you need to contact them, and they're very clear about each situation. Once you get through to them, which is very quick, they give you all the attention you need and solve your problem.

With an industry that can be one of the most frustrating on the phone, these guys have only ever been a pleasure. That alone is worth every penny when you're already frustrated because something bad has happened and that's why you're calling.

It's Used by Seasoned Travelers

Any travel insurance company can get off the ground and take in new customers while cycling through them relentlessly. With World Nomads, especially for Bali and other Southeast Asian hot spots, the seasoned travelers keep coming back - for good reasons.

These guys keep getting loyal customers that will continue to use them for many trips after their first one. Its a combination of a good deal, great support, and a whole toolbox of little benefits that bring people back.

The logic for Bali would be: If the seasoned backpackers and frequent travelers come back to this - it's good enough for me too.

Other Useful Info for Bali Travel Insurance

There are a few things to keep in mind while you're in Bali so your insurance policy can cover you and you don't run into any problems.

Riding Scooters

World Nomads cover bike accidents however, you need to make sure you're allowed to ride the same bike in your home country.

A lot of driver licenses around the world will allow mopeds to be ridden on the same license but restrictions may apply.

For instance, you're not allowed to ride a bike over 50 cc if you're from Queensland, Australia but you can ride a 50 cc or under on the same license. In Texas, however, you need a separate license to even operate a 50 cc bike.

Partying & Alcohol

There are a lot of insurance companies out there that will void your policy if you were drunk when an accident happened.

World Nomads is good with this but within reason. Definitely don't do things that aren't common sense, or illegal things. Your personal liability or medical expenses might be void if you were for instance drink driving.

When you go out, make sure you're not carrying all your money, make sure your things are secure. Prevention is much better than dealing with loss or theft - even if the insurance is on point.

Learning Your Policy

Going through your policy and finding out some key information will save you countless headaches with every trip, not just your Bali one. For instance, if the policy you bought has a cash theft allowance of $250, make sure you're carrying less than that, etc.

Policy links are all above in the main body of the article. And if you want to grab a quote on a specific trip, you can check the quote box above as well!

This is all you need to know from an insurance perspective for you up and coming Bali trip, I hope you found some value in it!

Safe travels,



  • Remember to compare policies and providers, don't take this article as the source of all truth! If you find a better policy, let us know in the comments below.
  • Remember to carefully read the policy before committing!
  • We support World Nomads as our go-to insurance provider and therefore have partnered with and are an affiliate of their products and services. This article, therefore, contains affiliate links. Check our terms and conditions and disclaimer pages for more information.