The Best Party Hostels In Budapest | On A Budget

A list of the best party hostels in Budapest, Hungary. Nightlife, ruin bars, parties and a whole lot of antics. Recommendations for Budapest.

The Best Party Hostels In Budapest | On A Budget

Nestled in Budapest city center, there's a family of 5 sister hostels that have consistently made sure that the guests experience Budapest to the fullest. With antics such as;

  • Booze buses
  • Open mic nights
  • Boat parties
  • Lots of dancing
  • Alcohol Olympics

Like these antics aren't enough, there's so much to do in Budapest in general.

These hostels have risen up to be a staple in any party-going backpacker's list for Budapest. With a staff made up of backpackers, you feel very welcome, and just like you're living with a massive group of friends in a share house back at home. The best part is its really cheap.

The bedding, facilities and cleanliness is all on point for all of them. So in this article, we're more interested in the experience and vibe that you'll get from them.

We're going to be going through 3 of them here that are thriving, the list in their network keeps growing so we're sticking to these. This is their official site, though it isn't up to date.

Vitae Hostel

Vitae is the perfect balance between a party hostel, and a chilled vibe. It's got multiple stories, a kitchen on every level, pool table, rooftop and a bunch of places to relax and chat. It's a short walk to ruin bars and clubs like Instant and Szimpla Kert, and is my favorite hostel of all of them.

Cost: $7 (winter), $16 (summer)
Dorm: Usually 8 per room

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At Vitae, similar to the other hostels, everyone meets up on the top floor, every night at around 7 for drinking games. The staff have it all locked down for making it super fun and entertaining.

A casual night of drinking games on the top floor

There's no bar, cafe or restaurant attached to the hostel, which means bringing food and drinks from outside is not only permitted but encouraged - unlike a lot of other hostels these days.

In fact, every evening, if you can't be bothered going out to get food, or cooking something yourself - someone from the staff will be making a home cooked meal. To join in, you write your name down and pay a small price during the day. I absolutely love this concept, it's so simple but a lot of hostels omit it.

Retox Party Hostel

A whole lot of partying and no much chilling. Retox is the go-to party hostel in this list. A lot of the events that happen among the sister hostels happen here at Retox.

  • The after party for the boat & bus party
  • The Jager Train
  • Alcohol Olympics
  • Karaoke
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Retox has a bar built in to the hostel, it's constantly loud, it hosts all the events, there's always a game of beer pong on, and it's always fun. Unlike Vitae, you aren't allowed your own alcohol here as it's a bar, so down your drinks at the door.

If you want to be in the thick of it, partying like there's no tomorrow, Retox is the hostel for you. But don't fret, if you're in another one, the party will end up here anyway and in the event you don't want to party, the quiet in the other hostel will be nice.

Cost: $7 (winter), $19 (summer)
Dorm: Usually 8 per room

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Grandio Party Hostel

Almost as crazy as Retox, Grandio is not only a hostel but its one of Budapest's famous ruin bars. Just like Szimpla Kert or Instant, it has a similar vibe but it's all outdoors.

It's a regular visit on the hostel hosted pub crawls, and a destination for pre-drinks when it comes to the open mic nights. So even if you're not staying at Grandio, you'll most definitely get to see it, as the bar is open to the public.

The vibe here is a cross between Vitae and Retox, definitely more on the party side. I'd say come here on a night out for a drink, and see how it is regardless of whether you stay or not.

Cost: $7 (winter), $18 (summer)
Dorm: Usually 8 per room

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The Other Sister Hostels

Both of these other ones are smaller and more intimate, great vibes for both, and they are still a part of all the events that the sister hostels run. Both as high quality as the rest - definitely worth a visit. They are also similar prices.

  • Carpe Noctum - Vitae used to be called this, but this is actually the original hostel when the chain got started.
  • Meander Hostel - Right next to Retox, more quiet but perfectly located so if you want to join in the party, Retox is literally in the same street.

If you book at one of these hostels, your Budapest experience is going to be even better. If you're looking for the best things to do in Budapest regardless of hostel, this one's for you.