Here are the Cheapest Gyms in Budapest (1000 HUF or Less)

These are the cheapest gyms for strength training in Budapest, Hungary. Less than 1000 HUF for a day pass. Full range of equipment and highly rated.

Here are the Cheapest Gyms in Budapest (1000 HUF or Less)

Strength training when traveling is a pain. You always have to hunt down decent gyms that not only have all the machines, and are cheap, but also do day passes. We're not looking for yearly memberships when we're in town for a few days - day passes rain supreme 💪

These gyms are perfect. They both;

  1. Have all the equipment your need
  2. Are under 1000 HUF for a day pass

The list also includes gyms that are 1000-1600 range that are worth mentioning, but the first lot are all 1000 or under - note that 1000 HUF is about 3€ or $3.3, and all these gyms will sell protein powder at reception. No worries there.

So kick it into gear and get onto it, the list is below 💪 Note that all prices are for a day pass unless stated otherwise.

1. Multifit Fitness Studio (990 HUF)

Great small-mid sized gym with every bit of equipment you'd need to get a killer strength workout. The gym offers day and weekly passes, the weekly being worth it if you're going to go more than 3 times.

The equipment is in great condition, well looked after. Of course just like any gym, there will be some scuffs here and there, all cosmetic and nothing lost for functionality.

Some people find the gym small, and it is. There's an abundance of equipment and not a crazy amount of room. That being said, that's only for the strength training area. The gym has a separate larger room for classes that are cardio based.

💰 Cost: 990 HUF
🏋️Equipment: Great condition
📍 Location: Budapest, Lázár u. 9, 1065 Hungary

Multifit Fitness Studio
★★★★☆ · Gym · Lázár u. 9

2. The Training Station (1000 HUF)

Large underground gym with all the machines you'd need for a great workout. In addition to strength training equipment, they also have a couple of boxing bags for high intensity sessions.

The machines are in good condition, though some are old. Free weights are all completely fine, and it's got all the basics like lockers etc. It's also, much like the others on this list, central and easy to get to.

💰 Cost: 1000 HUF
🏋️Equipment: Great condition
📍 Location: Budapest, Aradi u. 4, 1062 Hungary

The Training Station - Gym & Fitness
★★★★☆ · Gym · Aradi u. 4

3. R70 Fitness (900 HUF)

Not as central as the others, but still very close to the action. Large gym with all the strength and cardio machines you need - a very wide variety. Also, the cheapest gym on the list.

Lots of mats, free weights, foam and hard rollers. Very popular with students, residents, and foreigners because it checks all the boxes. Be prepared for a very good workout.

💰 Cost: 900 HUF
🏋️Equipment: Great condition
📍 Location: Budapest, Rákóczi út 70, 1074 Hungary

R70 Fitness
★★★★★ · Gym · Rákóczi út 70

4. W54 Fitness (1600 HUF)

Yes this is above our range, but it's a good gym and the mention is worth it.

The equipment is brand new, the gym atmosphere is very modern and in addition to brand new machines, they have an entire gymnastic/calisthenic area to do a HIIT training session or even get a better flexibility workout in.

Great staff, and plenty of other membership options. Like 5 session passes for 7,500 HUF or a month for 13,000.

This gym is a very clean and comfortable workout environment and is consistently rated high by members and travelers. So it's on the list 😎

💰 Cost: 1600 HUF
🏋️Equipment: Excellent condition
📍 Location: Budapest, Wesselényi u. 54, 1077 Hungary

W54 Fitness
★★★★★ · Gym · Wesselényi u. 54

5. Super Gym (1800 HUF)

Yes this is more than 1000 HUF but we've included it as the price includes access to saunas, and wellness facilities as well, so it's like a 2 for 1. Their monthly rate is around ~10,000 HUF.

It's a very popular, old school, strength training gym with everything you need. It covers a large area and has multiple rooms so you won't feel claustrophobic. The equipment is in decent condition barring some cosmetic wear and tear, but all very functional.

They have a squat rack and everything else you might want, barring a deadlift platform unfortunately.

The gym offers multiple saunas, fitness classes and more at a higher rate, but it's daily rate for the basic equipment is also very attractive - especially if you're visiting and only need to get in a strength workout.

💰 Cost: 1800 HUF
🏋️Equipment: Good condition
📍 Location: Budapest, Hajós u. 25, 1065 Hungary

Super gym
★★★★☆ · Gym · Hajós u. 25

These strength training options should be more than enough to keep the muscle maintenance routine perfect while traveling. There are plenty of other gyms at similar ranges but these are all very popular and vetted.

Enjoy your cheap training, and enjoy your budget travels!